Doves, ducks and big game in Argentina

Cordoba province is famous for its high volume dove and pigeon shooting and Buenos Aires province provides large numbers of ducks. Year round shooting is possible but the best months are February to May for doves and pigeons and the duck season opens in April.

argentina dove and pigeon
argentina ducks and geese

Geese are to be found in large numbers in Patagonia, but also much closer to Buenos Aires, the capital city.

Buenos Aires province also has large populations of blackbuck, Russian boars and Axis deer.

Red stags live wild in the province of La Pampa and trophies weighing 6 to 9kg are common. Much bigger trophies are available on enclosed ranches. Puma and water buffalo are also prevelant.

argentina nice red stag
argentina red stags
argentina boar.
argentina very big red stag
argentina duck decoys
argentina lodge in san javier

Hunting can be combined with sight seeing and touring. Argentina is the 10th biggest country in the world with a small population, a high proportion of which is concentrated in and around the capital city, Buenos Aires. There is much to see and do.

argentina axis deer