Rough Shooting

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The main season is from 1st October to 31st January when all the game birds and ground game are in season. Outwith this period there is always the possibility to shoot something, but with a limited variety of species.

Rough shooting and mixed shooting are often used to mean the same thing. Walking up in line abreast with spaniels and retrievers and shooting the game as it is flushed. A day may be aimed at a single species, for example woodcock, grouse or white hares or a whole range of species may be included such as pheasant, partridge, snipe, woodcock, rabbit and brown hare, or it may be a specialised day aimed at woodpigeons, wildfowl or ferreted rabbits. Stalking for hinds and does may also be included as part of a mixed hunting package.

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scot mixed

The number of days of hunting is the hunters choice and the mix of days can be anything, for example 3 days bird shooting and 2 days ferreting rabbits, or one of the bird days can be exchanged for a day of walked up white hares with a brace of grouse per hunter, or even stalk deer for the entire period.

There can be quite a variety of combinations all at the same total price.

man in snow and 2 snow hares

The average expectation when shooting small game is 10 head per gun per day, but this is often exceeded on rabbit and hare days at no extra charge. On stalking days the expectation is one or two deer per hunter.

The accommodation can be provided in a whole range of places from a pub with 2 beds per room and a private shower/toilet in each bedroom or if the group is 6 or more, in a fully catered house or cottage exclusive to the group, or even in a fairytale castle.

There is a cooked Scottish breakfast each day, a picnic lunch of sandwiches, fruit and hot drinks and a three course evening meal. Alcoholic drinks, cartridges and tips are not included in the basic price.

Not all members of a group need do the same sort of hunting each day, but it has to be booked in advance of course so that the planning can be done and the estates booked, but it is very flexible.

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